At the Zoo

Art by Lord Byrum

“Stop jumping in those puddles and come see the lions.” Luke’s father shouted.  They had been at the zoo for over an hour, with the animal’s ability to hold the boys attention ranging from slightly to not at all. 

            “Luke,” his mother said glaring over the concrete barrier down in the animal pit. “Come see the lions honey.  They are like big cats, and what do the cats say?”

            “Splash!” the toddler said as he hopped in the puddle.  He repeated this over and over again, soaking himself in the brown water with a glee that only a toddler could employ. 

            “The lions are fighting now.  Wow!  Look at them go.  You gotta come see this Luke.”  His father said.  The boy responded by flopping to a sit in the puddle and skimming his hands across the puddles surface.

            “Wow, that must be the keeper.  He’s going in with some sort of big stick.  I’ll bet those lions are scared of that stick.  Luke honey you really should come see this.”  Still sitting in the puddle, he began slapping his hands at the water.  Slowly drumming as the dirty water dampened his face. 

“Oh no.  Oh god.  The lions somehow got the stick from the keeper and now they’ve cornered him.  What is he going to do?  I think he needs help.”  Said his father.  Luke spotted a much bigger puddle a few yards away.  He sprinted at it as fast as he could and continued his splashing.

“Its all over.  They got him.  I can’t believe this is happening.  There is just so much blood.  Oh that poor man.  How awful.”  Said his mother, her voice quivering.  She covered her eyes and walked away from the pit with the father’s arms around her. 

“Luke” his father started. “Would you like some popcorn?”

“Okay.” the boy said, looking down at the puddle.

“Then lets get back in our stroller please.”

“Okay.” the boy ran towards the nearby stroller and climbed in.

The mother handed the boy a small box of popcorn and said, “ooh!  We should go see the tigers next.”

As you might suppose by reading this short little work of mostly fiction, I wrote this a long time ago. Probably one of the first things I’ve ever written. I miss writing little snippets of life and it’s absurdity. Especially now that we live in such a absurd time. Hopefully this is the start of something. But for me there seems to be a lot of starts and a lot of endings and a lot of nothing in between. I’m hoping for a nice middle this time.

Also, I changed my header to something still not good so ignore it’s badness if you can.