Blog Post Thirteen

Goodbye Old Chum

This is the thirteenth blog post on my website, and to celebrate the greatest of milestones I posted a little gem at the end of the post. So stay tuned for a little number written by Glenn Danzig and sung by the late great Johnny Cash. God bless both of them.

Also I skinned thirteen black cats to celebrate. Don’t worry they were strays. On an unrelated note I have a bakers-dozen cat collars for sale.

Hammer that Grammer

It’s probably a great idea to know your weaknesses. In the beginning these were many  but as I trudged the path of writing I found that there were some specific areas in which I lack.

I have never been much of an expert at grammar; in fact I still have a hard time explaining what anything outside a verb or noun is. This lacking is one that I am increasingly aware of.  I do however have a pretty good idea of how a sentence should be constructed, just no theoretical knowledge of such.

This is probably due to my hatred of English classes until I entered college. When I wasn’t bored to death by class, we were reading every single Shakespeare play, which outside of Romeo and Juliet, isn’t the worst literature but becomes increasingly unbearable after the third play or so. That’s not to say I didn’t read some wonderful works, I did, and probably would enjoy some of the things I disliked if I read them in the present.  I just felt that the wrong things were beaten into the dead horse of students brains.

Now this isn’t a post to bash our school systems, they don’t need any help with that, it’s just to say there are things I should fully understand about writing that I don’t. It sure hasn’t stopped me from doing so but if I truly want to progress as a writer I need to remedy any weaknesses.

Luckily, most of the books on writing I have studied have attempted to address common errors in writing. In fact, the current book I am reading – The Art of Fiction by John Gardner – Is what helped me realize the importance of learning proper grammar and punctuation. I can’t say it’s my favorite book on writing but it has definitely brought some new ideas to the foray for me. Simply because of it’s specific detailed theoretical information I’d recommend it, but try not to get caught in the pretension of the author – Whose book Grendel I quite enjoyed and would wholly recommend.


Well I don’t have a whole lot to say except I can’t wait until Halloween. Maybe I should have skipped this post until then? I guess we will never know. Well you especially won’t know. You are just a ghost. Sorry to break it to you but someone had to tell you.   You’ve been in such denial about the whole thing. You should have known after you apparently walked off your broken neck. No one does that


Now my curse is upon you all for reading this haunted post.

Goodbye Old Chum

RIP Adam West, you were amazing and fun and the world less enjoyable without you.  Thank you for your continuing entertainment.  Me and the kiddo watch Batman 66 a few times a week.  It’s just such a blast.  I almost cried when I found out.  I assume there is nothing but Batusi going on in heaven now.

Stuck in a Tree

Taken by me, a bit blurry sorry

After a long weekend of little writing and reading, I am back at it. It’s easy to sit back and cry about not pushing yourself to get more done, but that’s crap, just get back at it. Who needs guilt and negative feelings about what yesterdays me didn’t do. That guy was a turd, and I am not he. I’m the one who keeps at it and pushes through the exhaustion and doubt. I’m the upbeat guy annoying yesterdays me. Okay I need to take it down just a bit, I know. No wonder no one reads this.


Sitting down and writing your ideas is a lot like pulling a car out of a tree. You so badly want it to sit there on the ground like it’s supposed to, engine running, but that is never going to happen. Cars aren’t supposed to be up in trees, they are useless up there, and getting them out in one piece is near impossible. Cars in trees are not surgically removed; they are ripped out and torn to pieces. Thankfully with writing, when you get your beautiful ideas converted into a collection of flawed pages you don’t need to scrap the whole thing, you can just work on that imperfection until it’s up and running. What is hard to get up and running is the ideas you left up in the tree. They may be perfect in your mind but they can’t do anything there.

It’s easy to let your thoughts hold you back from getting work done. Don’t, just get it all out there and don’t show anybody until you find it worthy of virgin eyes. I have written some unreadable things that I probably won’t ever rewrite, but in no way do I regret writing it. I didn’t waste my time, and I am not embarrassed by its awfulness because no one ever needs to see it. But I wouldn’t have the things I am proud of without writing the things I know aren’t good. The worst of works are salvageable, even if you completely rewrite them, some aspect of your first draft will set up the second. So just write because you love it, not because you love what you are writing.

I have found that the more you write, the more you are able to write. What I mean is that I find myself writing 600 words in a sitting, rather than the 200 I was lucky to plow through when I started. You get in a writing zone where the next event you are translating from your creative mind comes right after the other. Its like you sit down with a single idea, and once that idea is on paper then the next idea has room to show itself.

Writers Block is an Excuse Not to Write

I think some people may make the mistake of thinking they are stuck so they wait to write anything until they figure out what’s next. When instead they should be doing the opposite, keep writing until you know what comes next. You will fill in the blanks purely by instinct. If you are stuck on what comes next in what you are working on, then write something good enough to get you to a part you are ready for. Everything can be fixed in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, or even the thirteenth draft. That was purely for you OCD readers.

Also, been reading On Writing by Stephen King.  Definitely recommend if you haven’t read it.  Also here’s some other books I picked up:

The Art of Fiction
McSweeney’s Issue 11
The Sound and the Fury