Another Writing Tip To Drown In

There is an endless sea of useless writing tips out there. There is quite a bit of useless tips in this blog too. Well, more like meaningless jargon. If I could give you one piece of advice it is to just write. Don’t research or pre-write or any of that other baloney. Just get what you have on paper. Life is your research. If you really need to research, do it after you finish writing and before your next draft.

You have to structure everything before writing? Fine, go ahead. But to me, first drafts are structuring your story. Everything you have to do before writing is just an excuse not to write. This may not be true for everyone but oh how easy it is to give yourself a reason to do anything but put your pen to paper.

Writing your first draft is the best part anyways. It’s definitely more fun that research. Editing is probably the least fun. Maybe once you are a better writer editing won’t feel like so much work. But it is such a drag compared to the glory of finishing a first draft.


This post was entirely too serious.  Which means It must be incredibly boring.  If you made it this far through what little is on this page I commend you for your tenacity.


Just entered the Writers of the Future contest. Got a piece mostly done, though it could use a few drafts. Will enter again once this one I submitted probably gets rejected. First outside source I have sent anything I’ve written to though. Great first step; now to meet more goals, even if it is half assed.


America was born today. Take what you will of that. Personally I’m a loyalist. This is a joke, calm down. Sam Eagle is the best muppet.