Pinterest Writing Prompt Garbage

just awful

Every time I see one of these terrible writing prompt pins on pinterest I die a little. For me it is contrary to the creative start, like you are entering a story sullied and dirty, where someone else has inserted themselves into your holy art. Its vulgar and blasphemous and the writing equivalent of “found art”; not that I really care about found art. As you can tell I am an unopinionated individual seeking some middle ground. Okay that’s a lie.

If you truly have writers block and just cannot possibly think of your own idea to start with then I guess I can see how writing prompts may help. Actually no. No damn way. Writing prompts are pointless and useless and unless you are a writing class student, you are better off without them. If you truly have writers block, you are a liar who is refusing to give yourself true credit for your creativity. You should quit and leave the writing to us louses who put every preposterous and terrible idea onto paper, no matter their illusiveness from anything tasteful.

Of course it’s hard to look at too much of anything writing related as being anything but cheesy one-liners on pinterest. Even this cover image I made for this post is a dumb one-liner blog thing. It is all utter nonsense that is easy and quick and makes this world a stupid place. If you think putting coconut oil in your coffee is going to make you shed fat you are part of the problem, along with me of course.

If you haven’t put the pieces together quite yet, this is the post where I completely alienate my readership, all none of you. In all seriousness, don’t get your feelings hurt, every idiot has an opinion on the Internet and no one really cares about their opinion as much as they care about being right. And I am right and you are also right if you agree with me. So just agree with me so we can move on.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami – Oh look, this guy is reading another Murakami book, how surprising. Yes but this one is a memoir, not a fiction book, so there. If you are looking for something that delves into the life and process of a writer, this is pretty dang good. Instead of an instructional book on writing you get a craft about discipline and health, and how it pertains to Murakamis evolution as a writer. About half way through and I find it relatable and illuminating, though I myself am more into weight lifting than running. So pick this goodie up if you want some good non-fiction.