From “The Fade Out” written by Ed Brubacker with art by Sean Phillips

Most of things I write are total garbage. That’s okay; people seem to make good money writing total garbage, but still, I would prefer to write something halfway decent. In order to get there though, I have to remember that most of what I write will be a dumpster fire that requires sifting through smoldering words to find something I don’t hate. So just write away, write with no confidence in what you are doing because it’s so incredibly disposable and impermanent, the things that aren’t is what you will eventually leave yourself with.

Nothing is really final until its published or shared with the general public. Let things sit in purgatory for as long a period as you like. Craft those things till they are something either worthy of putting your name on or work that exemplify your incredibly flawed self. Nothing is worse than things that aren’t true. But its better to get those imperfect lies out of your head and onto paper so that you can get to the truth.


One of my favorite things in books, movies, or plays, or any storytelling venture is good dialogue. Writing dialogue is abysmally hard for me; it’s bizarre how difficult this is. Slogging through a conversation I am writing is painstakingly slow and I never feel remotely satisfied with what I have put down on paper. That being said, I continue to get through it in my first drafts, and often when I go back and read it I find some parts I don’t despise.

That’s another thing I have realized about writing, with time comes change. I will read back only a day after writing something and enjoy the part I hated writing, and lose interest in the writing I felt initially confident in. I have no Idea how to handle these revelations in my next draft but I definitely want to be able to rid myself of writing I enjoyed making that serves no purpose to the context of the story. Everything is one hundred percent disposable. That initial idea that started your story? Disposable. Your favorite character? Disposable. Your planet? Totally disposable. Make sure you keep some clean underwear though, that’s not disposable.

Here’s a great video of Kurt Vonnegut talking about short stories.  Watch every video of him you can find, he was a brilliant human being and writer.  Also read every word he wrote.  I’m still working on that one. 

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