The Amateur Guide to Amateur Writing pt. 2

Continuation from the last post no one read or enjoyed….



            A pen or pencil, a notebook, a smart phone, a computer sometimes, a hand, a brain of questionable quality, a child to distract you from getting anything done, just to name a few essential supplies.

I really like using the classic composition notebooks; they are 100 page soft covers, regular ruled. I have a few of these laying around so I can work on multiple pieces at once but its easy to rummage through a 100 pages if you want to work on multiple projects in one book. If this wasn’t obvious, I hand write all my fiction, I started initially typing out everything but didn’t get very far. Not sure why, I just find typing my work to be lacking in quality for me personally.

I haven’t began a deep editing process yet so I can’t really say what I use for that but I plan to do most of it on a laptop. Or I may just burn everything so no one ever has to read any of my attempts at stories. Notebooks burn much quicker than laptops so that’s another notch for handwriting. Really though, do what works best for you.

I don’t take a ton of notes throughout the day but I like to quickly jot Ideas when I can. So just using my smart phone to quickly jot a few notes and summaries. This will probably change though as my process evolves, I just don’t like carrying too many things.


Rough Writing


I have already stated that I hand write everything….except this post which is violently being typed away on an old MacBook Pro. If you find that typing while creating works for you then by all means do it, you are probably much faster at typing anyways.

That’s the next thing, I definitely recommend writing initially for bulk and for speed. Get everything out there, it’s like having a good bowel movement, you’ll feel much better once it’s all on paper. I know most people go in the toilet or a diaper but I think you get the gist. If you get stuck, keep going, you are writing a rough draft and that means you can worry about fixing it later. I can’t say how many times I just can’t think of the word I want to use and end up putting a boring placeholder in its place.

Trust me, I have no idea what I am talking about. Well actually I wouldn’t really say these things if I hadn’t also read popular authors saying similar things. It also helps that I’m not trying to sell you something in my posts, my ulterior motive is to melt your brain not manipulate it.



Look how cool and hip this stock coffee image is. Just google coffee. Way easier than taking a picture on my stupid iphone of my crappy coffee.

Truly the essence of getting anything done is coffee. Also what’s the point if you don’t have any? If you don’t understand why this isn’t under supplies, well I don’t either.


This is pretty much it for my writing guide, pretty lame huh? Honestly I am still surprised you are still here. Its more likely you aren’t here and a tree fell on you in the woods and no one heard it because your eardrums immediately exploded and no one else was around. I’ll send you some flowers.

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