Lord Byrum fancies himself a writer.  Not many know this and the few that do are thoroughly reviled by this revelation.  He made this website on the planet called Earth to share his atrocities to the 7 billion in his local planetary community. 

If you have unfortunately found yourself at this abominable site and have the stomach to continue through to some of its more unreadable dribble, then I suggest the Blog section as your next destination.  There you will find a being spouting nonsense about becoming better at something pointless.  If you want to see how a writer goes from the worst in the civilized galaxy to merely vomit inducing, well then go ahead I guess.  Feel free to leave a comment and express the anguish experienced from merely glancing this section.

Otherwise I suggest you check out the Acquaintances section and transport yourself to a site that features an individual who is unsurprisingly better at whatever it is they do than Lord Byrum is at anything.

I can not believe you have actually read this far on the page.  Consult a Doctor.  You are most likely ill.  If your vile insanity is pushing you to continue then by all means click the Work section.  But beware, if somehow this disturbed mind manages to finish a story and post it, it will most likely be unbearable.

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This site is still under construction and when finished will still be unreadable.