The Dangers of Unwriting

It will hurt.
I will do it.

Though I am still keeping up with writing quite a bit, it’s hard not to feel like I am not writing enough every day. Maybe it’s just that I am writing more in less time, meaning I am not increasing the amount of time I devote to working. I know it’s good that I even keep at it everyday but I want more. Could be worse though. I could have unwritten some work.


I would say that most writers don’t even know about the dangers of unwriting or even it’s existence. But you and me, we aren’t most writers, we know differently. At any moment something you put in ink just dissipates off the page and returns back to your brain an incomplete mess, just as it began. Those of us that know about this horrendous aberration don’t have to worry. It’s really the unexpecting and unknowing amateur writers whom are majorly affected by this.

Thankfully there is a cure in the unlikely event that we might be infected by unwriting. All you have to do is get a few words on a page and bingo, unwritings effects should be shortly reversed. After that, all you need to do is keep putting your ideas onto paper and you will quickly build up your immunity, but make sure you don’t stop or you will open yourself up to another bout of unwriting.

There of course is always that voice whispering in your ear that unwriting is an entirely false concept and in no way exists. This of course is true. I made it all up to trick you into writing. Clever me, or stupid you more likely, either way this blog has been largely successful.


Hope you enjoyed my latest batch of nonsense for the day. If you didn’t and this isn’t your first time reading my blog well then you should have learned by now. It’s your fault really.

Here is some more things I am enjoying:

Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire – Probably my favorite ongoing comic right now.  It is basically the best love letter series to DC’s Multiverse since Watchmen.  If you enjoy superheroes or any of Lemire’s other work you will like this.  Also the art by Dean Ormston is fantastic.

U Talkin’ U2 To Me? – Do you like U2?  It doesn’t really matter because most U2 fans probably won’t like this podcast but if you like the weirdness of Adam Scott Aukerman then this is for you.  They just put out an episode for the first time in 2 years and its great.  So get on board with this fun and incredibly dumb podcast.

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